Al Noor Indian Islamic School


In an era when everything, even education, has been commercialized AL NOOR INDIAN ISLAMIC SCHOOL stands an exception with its specific visions, perspectives and missions. The school was established well over two decades back, in 1986, under the guidance and sponsorship of INDIAN ISLAMIC CENTRE, with its distinct and discrete views of providing education to expatriate students in  the capital city Abu Dhabi and its outskirts.  One of its major goals, making education available and affordable to the middle class communities of the expatriate society remains immutable. Unlike other institutions even after twenty five years of dedicated service the school has not deviated from its basic principles that led it to its great heights.

The school which opened in a small villa in Madinat Zayed with a group of just forty six students and two teachers has now grown to a full-fledged strength of one thousand two hundred students and seventy five staff members running in three parallel buildings in Al Falah Street. In course of its development it was affiliated to the CBSE Delhi and prepares the students for All India Secondary School Examination. Right from its institution the school has been able to impart INDIAN ISLAMIC CENTRE’s visions and ideologies of education. In a world where social reforms were possible only through the medium of education, AL NOOR has always been a staunch supporter of IIC to fulfill its goals, the community service to expatriate Indians. It is needless to mention the service it has rendered to other Asian expatriates too. The school has always been able to uphold and maintain IIC’s commitment to the society through various socio- cultural religious activities, lessons, seminars, competitions, discussions and campaigns.

AL NOOR has been presenting its AISSE batches since 1995 and has never failed to achieve 100% result in its endeavour. The definition of success has never been static; it has been changing time immemorial to cater its needs. AL NOOR in its attempt to retain its basic principles has not overlooked the needs of the time. It has been, it is and it will make its student community capable of meeting the challenges ahead.

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